Gift Horse

So as I said yesterday, my laptop went partially kaput earlier this week.  The keyboard couldn’t be replaced.  So I bought a new laptop.  After discovering that the keyboard couldn’t be replaced (easily anyway), I cleaned out the dust and such (since it was open), put it back together, and turned it on in order to pull some stuff off it.  Then I just left it on, hanging out on my desk behind the work laptop I’ve been using all week.

This morning I happened to pull it forward to enter some stuff…and it was working.

:tests more stuff:

Laptop goes la la la, nothing to see here!

:stares at laptop suspiciously:

My only conclusion is that POSSIBLY while I had it cracked open yesterday, the last of the moisture dried out.

Susan hypothesizes that this is the Universe saving me from something catastrophic.

So the new laptop arrives tomorrow.  I’ve decided to go ahead and keep it.  I’ll use the old laptop for a few days to make SURE it’s working working, and then I’ll sell it while I can still get something for it and recoup some of the cost of the upgrade.

Not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

One thought on “Gift Horse

  1. I had a similar problem and ended up with two netbooks. Now, I should be using the old one until it finally falls to pieces but guess what – I am busy using the new one whilst the old, perfectly healthy (it seems) unit languishes. Why, oh why, oh why do we do these things???

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