10th Anniversary Weekend Extravaganza

Last night hubby declared it a full WEEKEND 10th Anniversary Extravaganza.  I’ve been informed I’m not to wash a single dish (this has been entertaining, as he keeps getting exasperated as I continue to add to the pile while he’s doing them–this is what happens when you cook), that we can eat out as much as I want, and that since it’s supposed to be rainy, we can hit up the movies up to twice.  Oh, and he cleaned the house.  After which we had some seriously epic steaks from the butcher shop, with sauteed mushrooms and some of the creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever made.  Yeah, we’re food centric people.

This is all pretty darn awesome.  So this afternoon we’re going to go see Oblivion.  I’m even going to be really decadent and get movie popcorn WITH BUTTER.  We were going to go out to dinner after, but for him I made red velvet pancakes for breakfast, and the idea of eating out on top of that is kind of O.O.  The popcorn might be our dinner…

I had errands to run today.  While I was out, I hit up the local paint your own pottery place which had ONE of the style mugs I wanted in stock.  Fortune is totally smiling on me.  I’d actually gone in with my old one to see if they could order one, so I wasn’t actually ready to paint.  But I went ahead and bought this one.  I’ll go in at lunch one day next week to paint it.  I’m in the process of picking a new tea quote.  Right now it’s between: 

She’s a pot-of-tea-before-I-say-boo-to-you-woman (which is by Roddy Doyle from some book or other)


Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.  (which is Frances Harding).

Both are pretty apropos to me.

Also while out, I hit up the local Asian market.  This is often a culinary adventure because the produce section is full of all kinds of exotic stuff you never see at the regular grocery store, and often has deals on things that cost the earth at the regular grocery.  Today’s big score: big, beautiful shitake mushrooms.  I’ve got to decide what I want to do with those this week.  Plus I’ve got a fresh knob of ginger, some shallots, and baby bok choy.  I actually went in to pick up tapioca starch.

I’ve restocked the emergency chocolate and found a new hiding place to protect it from errant sweet tooths.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to go out for brunch.  This is something we’ve talked of doing since the brunch episode of How I Met Your Mother, but we’ve never done.  I’m totally going to be decadent and get a mimosa.

It goes without saying that I’m going to be working my ass off next week to make up for all this rich food!

Now to decide whether to take the puppies for a mosey or stay in my chair and snooze until the movie…

Decisions, decisions.

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