6 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

    1. Once they broke the spell and everybody knew who they were and stuff, I got bored. Left off sometime where Sleeping Beauty had lost Phillip and was running around with Mulan and had just met the Queen’s mother. I’ve got the rest of last season hanging out on DVR but I just haven’t bothered watching.

  1. I HAVE to see this. Oh, my, I love it already!

    I’m not exactly bored with Once Upon a TIme, but I do think it’s lacking SOMETHING that it once had. The fact that I have about 3 or 4 episodes still unwatched on the DVR shows it’s not something I just HAVE to watch immediately. I still like it enough to watch, though. I think Grimm got better and OUAT got a little worse.

  2. Oooo, indeed! This looks fun! I fell in love with Once Upon a Time, too, during the first season, but then I lost interest. Just can’t being myself to start it up again… Hopefully it will spur my interest next season.

  3. Same here with Once Upon a Time, lost interest once the spell was broken. I did watch a few more but it wasn’t the same; I stopped caring because I figured they were just going to start bringing in more and more fairy tales and disney stuff. Done with that. Wonderland looks good though.

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