Choice of Perception and A Throw Down

Sometimes I love the Universe because it dumps exactly what I need to hear in my inbox or my Twitter stream exactly when I need to hear it.   So I had to share this week’s messages from the Universe with you, in case you needed to hear them too.

First up, David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech, which offers up a valuable lesson to us all about how THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND US, and we contribute to our own misery by thinking that it does, and how we have a choice to make in how we view the world.  Anyway, go watch it, it’s awesome.

Second, the latest thought provoking post by Justine Musk that really hits on why so much of what I read just doesn’t work for me–it doesn’t GO THERE.  Worth reading the whole thing (it’s pretty short), but the part that really gelled for me was this:

Origin means the point at which something comes into existence: the source. To write in an original voice means to write from your source. Every story in the world has been told a million times…except when filtered through the prism of your perspective, your experiences and talent and worldview, grounded in the details of your private landscape. To write this way, original and fierce, means to show yourself, and not the glossy and practiced persona but the creature who lives behind that.

It means to throw down.

Be original.  Throw down.

Have a great weekend!

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