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Hubs had to work again today, so I’m still in project mode.  We have this one window that was in desperate need of painting.  Looking at it yesterday, I’m not sure they ever put anything other than the primer on it.  So yesterday I got that all scraped and caulked, and since I had the caulk open and you can’t ever REALLY save it, I went ahead and caulked all our doors and thresholds (which had apparently never been done).  I expect our unwelcome bug population to decrease dramatically.  Going through that whole tube of caulk about did my hands in.

So this morning I pulled out the paint, put the first coat on the window.  And since I had the paint out, went ahead and painted the back door, which also needed it (it had some rust spots on it).  And then the outside looked way better than the inside, so I went and got out the trim paint and painted the inside of the door.  And then since I had THAT paint out, I went ahead and put a fresh coat on the mantle around the fireplace (where I had an unfortunate splotch of wall paint when I was painting before we moved in, that I didn’t notice until it had already dried).  Then I had to go spray all my fruit trees if I want any plums and peaches saved from the bugs.  Pretty sure as much of the stuff got on me as the trees.  After THAT, had to go pick up some grill gas for the pulled pork.  It’s got a nice crust on it now (with my highly scientific method of throwing a little of this and that–garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, smoked paprika, chili powder, salt, pepper, brown sugar…all rubbed in) and is now hanging out in the crock pot.  So now I’m waiting on the second coat on the door to dry so I can put the doorknob back on and watching Hell on Wheels.

I figure once this episode is over, I’ll get started on my mini chicken meatloafs for lunch next week.  And I’m making blueberry cobbler to go with dinner.  Somewhere in here, I need to put away 2 loads of laundry.  Comparatively, that’s the least taxing activity on the list and yet…my fanny is still parked on the sofa.  There is, I suspect, a nap in my future…

Happy Memorial Day, y’all!

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  1. Did you say blueberry cobbler? My grandmother (bless her dear, departed soul) used to make the finest peach cobbler in the land. Take good care of those peach trees.

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