Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. OMG.  So.  Tired.
  2. We had an unexpected guest last night.  Hubs was up in the wee hours taking pics of the lightning during the storm, and this little pug comes up, terrified, and bolted right on into the house.  So he wakes me up to see if I recognized the dog (I didn’t), tried calling the number on his collar (no answer), and then we loaded up in the truck to run him home (the address was just up the road and we decided that if it were our dog that had gotten lose, we’d rather be woken up in the wee hours to have her returned).  By this time the weather was positively filthy, torrentially pouring.  And then hubs is standing outside their house for like 5 minutes knocking and ringing with no answer, though a light came on inside.  So we come home with the pooch.  At that point I was awake.  Eventually I fell back asleep and dreamed that Frank (because he looked like the pug in MIB) ate my rugs and cabinets (though he was actually quite well behaved and obviously house trained).  Hubs came to bed at 5:30.  I woke up at 7:30 to feed our dogs.  Tried to go back to sleep, but hubs was finally good and asleep and snoring, so I moved to the other bed.  Then he’s waking me up at 9:30 because Daisy had an accident (I was so addled and sleepy, I forgot to let her out, poor baby).  At which time I decided it was a reasonable enough hours to take Frank home.  A kid about 13 answered the door and seemed to be home alone (no WONDER he didn’t answer the door–we probably scared him half to death).  So Charlie (the dog’s real name) went home, and I came back and tried to go BACK to sleep.  But then Daisy started barking because apparently she wanted people UP.  So then I got up and started tea.  By which time Daisy and Callie had passed out on their beds.  But I had caffeine by that point, so I was committed.  So…yeah.  SO TIRED.
  3. I’ve done some minor cleaning, dishes, started on Mount Washmore, but otherwise I’m pretty sure I’ll be worthless today.
  4. I came up with my plan for Revision Hell on Riven this week.  Started on that.  I’ve got 21/32 scenes to go.  I’m hoping to knock that out by the end of this month.
  5. Yesterday was a good writer day.  I headed on over to Tuscaloosa for the book launch of agency-mate Beth Albright’s The Sassy Belles.  She’s just as adorable in person.  Had a great turnout for the launch party!  The book, first of three, reminds me of Designing Women meets SEC football season meets…I’m at a loss for an appropriate detective at the moment.  But it’s hilarious.  I also got a couple hours of awesome shoptalk in with Bobby Matthews, and got to meet his lovely wife.  Their kid is totally adorable.
  6. I’m still chugging along on plotting out my next book and building the world.  I wake up every morning thinking about it, which I figure is a marvelous sign.  I’ve been trolling Goodreads and Amazon and Google, trying to see if there’s ANYTHING out there like what I want to do.  If there is, I haven’t found it yet.  There’s some stuff that kind of flirts with what I’d like to do, but there’s no romance.  The relationship is definitely at the heart of what I want to do in this book.  So, so excited.
  7. Other highlight of my weekend is that I found out that Meljean Brook has two other Iron Seas novellas I didn’t know about yet.    Since it’s going to be frigging NOVEMBER when the fourth book comes out (also when La Nora’s new series comes out–November will be a good book month for me), I’m really happy to have something to help tide me over.  I keep wanting more steampunk LIKE that, but so much of steampunk seems to NOT have the right balance of worldbuilding to action to romance that I want.  Much seems to have no romance at all, which is just tragic.  And SO many of them just start So.  Frigging.  Slow.  Pal Suzan Butler (author of some fabulous hockey romance if you’re looking) recommended Zoe Archer’s Blades of the Rose, so that’s the next series I’m going to try.
  8. Excuse me, I need to go pass out in my chair for a while.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. This ROW80 shows me just how unorganized my writing plans are. i know what I want to do and am mentally mapping it, but I am not so good at writing it out.

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