On The Other Side of Flail

Today’s Life Track (you know, that whole soundtrack of my life thing?), the lovely and glorious Dinah Washington, What A Difference A Day Makes.  

Classy.  I speak, of course, of my emergence from the (evidently now required) self piteous, post-crit, pre-revision hell flail.  And in this particular case (as usual), I’m dedicating the song (and the credit) to Susan for talking me off the ledge (again).

I can haz revision hell plan!

Now with MOAR check boxes!

Of which I knocked out NINE yesterday.  Admittedly 8 of those were the scenes that only needed minor clean up, some comma crap, and a few word changes.  One was a small substantive change to a scene.  But I’m totally focused on THE CHECK BOXES not the actual seriousness of what needed to be accomplished, because, you know, seeing the boxes checked off is MOTIVATING.  I’m a LIST PERSON.  You knew this about me.

I have 25 scenes left to do stuff to.  Some of those are smaller kinds of changes.  Some of them are straight up full re-writes.  I am aiming to knock out this revision by end of June.  Probably it will still need some work after that because I operate these days in such a place of split focus because of the demands on my time and brain (and I am no longer in my 20s–how much does it GALL me to admit that there’s really a difference at 33, but there you have it), so I’m working on making myself come to terms with that in the same way I had to come to terms with my thunder thighs.

WHILE I’m working on Revision Hell, I’ll still be doing some plotting and world building for my next project, which I’m still hella excited about.  Some of the secondary characters tried to pipe up yesterday to say it should be a trilogy because they deserve love too.  I told them I’d consider it if they showed up bearing proper antagonists and PROBLEMS.  Otherwise, no.  They have shut up for now.  Their brother (hero) is smirking.

In other, unrelated news, Brenda Hiatt posted the results of her indie earnings survey.  The sample is incredibly small (only 60 responders so far) but the information remains interesting and brings out the salient point that has always been the salient point: those indie authors who are making $$ have lots of titles out (the average in this survey was 10). Looooong way to go…Maybe by the time the kid I don’t have yet is starting kindergarten, I’ll have enough out to quit one of my day jobs…

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