Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Another marathon session at the coffeeshop saw me knocking out line edits on Riven yesterday.  It’s gone back to CPs and to a beta reader.  Unless they find something that doesn’t make sense or any typos and such that I overlooked, I feel like it’s pretty well finished.  We’ll see if my objectivity has been restored.
  2. Meanwhile, I’m pulling out the short contemporary romance Christmas novella I started last Christmas to play.  I got not quite halfway through it before getting DOTH critiques back in January, and it seems like a good, not too mentally taxing  project to play with while waiting on the final go ahead for Riven.  I find myself rather loathe to jump straight into the next project before I KNOW I’m done with this book because I hate having to switch mental trains.
  3. I’ve fallen in love with Donna Kauffman’s work this week.  Blew through books 1 and 3 from her Cupcake Club series.  Just started 4.  Our library didn’t have 2 and her publisher seems to be rereleasing the series with new covers, so for some reason the ebook of 2 isn’t available until first week in September.  But it’s the kind of series that can mostly be read out of order.  Knowing that the hero and heroine in the previous book fell sloppy in love really isn’t a spoiler in romance.  😀  And I nabbed the other books the library had from some of her other series.   She’s got a great voice, funny and charming, so it’s nice to have another author of contemporary romance to add to my very short list of ones I really enjoy.
  4. My mother-in-law and I have a movie date this afternoon to go see the latest Percy Jackson.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I thought the first one was a lot of fun (and, in fact, it was another of the rare cases where I liked the book better–but I think that was because the movie made Percy seem a little older than the book).
  5. And NEXT WEEK–CITY OF BONES.   I’m sort of caught in this state of dissonance about this movie.  On the one hand, I am SO FLIPPING FANGIRL EXCITED.  And on the other, I live in terror that they’re going to screw it up because I LOVE LOVE LOVE those books.  Another girlfriend and I have a movie date to see that next weekend.  The previews I’ve seen look awesome (even if the dude playing Jace totally needs to eat a boatload of sammiches–dude is painfully skinny).
  6. Last night, hubby and I shot our last wedding of the summer.  The bride and groom LUCKED OUT because, seriously, who has an outdoor wedding in MISSISSIPPI in AUGUST?  This is the time of year when we have afternoon thunderstorms almost every day.   The weather ended up being lovely, just enough overcast, with perfect light for the 6 o’clock ceremony and unseasonably cool.  Talk about a wedding present from God.  Then during the reception, the bride’s grandmother was TOTALLY out there shaking her groove thing.  It was awesome.  Go Grandma!  There was also this 13 year old boy who did a really kick ass cha cha.  Kid had moves.  It was a really pretty wedding and fun party, except for the fact that people kept getting in our way.  Note to the world: The bride and groom hire photographers to catch all the important moments.  That means you need to NOT BLOCK THEM and walk in front of the camera at every opportunity.  In any event, my feet are glad to be done.  There is no such thing as dress shoes that are comfortable to stand and crouch and walk in for 8 hours +.
  7. Fall semester starts tomorrow.  I’m ALMOST done with set up for my new class, and I do have everything they need for the first few weeks done.  I’m hoping to knock the remainder out over the next couple of weeks.  This week’s focus is on deciding what concept application assignments I want them to do for each unit and writing those.
  8. It’s bath day for the dogs today.  This is always a challenge.  With Callie because she doesn’t like them and she’s over 100 pounds.  With Daisy because she has a hard time standing for the whole thing, particularly with us rubbing and scrubbing over all the sensitive spots that make her kick.  But the weather isn’t too bad, and it’s overcast, so not as brutal as it has been, so we’re going to take advantage.
  9. Off in search of breakfast…

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