Pride and Prejudice and Sunrise

I am not a morning person by inclination.  This is a well-established fact.  I am generally offended by the entire idea of being up and out of bed when it’s still dark out, when the bed is nice and cozy and still singing its siren song (because you KNOW the best sleep is totally had in that half hour before you’re supposed to get up for work).  But there is one aspect of morning, in particular on my running mornings, that I do really love.


See, we have big, wide open skies, so we have freaking amazing sunrises (sunsets too, but something about sunrise in particular speaks to me).  This morning was one of my favorite kinds–all brilliant pinks and vibrant purples, as the sun starts peeking over the horizon, and the fields are covered in a layer of mist.  Glorious.  And I always half expect to see Mr.  Darcy striding across the moors (because, dude, this is my fantasy and the pasture can totally be moors if I want it to be).  You know, that whole “Your hands are cold” scene from the Kiera Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice.  The one that totally didn’t exist in the book but you secretly love, despite its lack of verisimilitude.  And THAT is a lovely start to the day.

Add to that the fact that this morning I shaved 30 seconds off my overall time from Wednesday (because I was running to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia and there might have been singing and skipping involved–you’ll never know, there were no cameras) and we have a total WIN of a beginning for a Friday.

You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice and Sunrise

  1. Your “there are no cameras” made one of those nature show announcers start talking in my head. “The author, even in her wildest state, has yet to notice our presence. This is, of course, a blessing. For once the author knows she’s being watched, this uninhibited behavior ends.”

  2. I can look right out my bathroom window and see the sunrise while I’m getting ready for work. Lovely.

    Which version of Pride and Prejudice is the best one? I saw one on Netflix, and it’s okay, but I don’t think that’s the one that everyone talks about.

    1. That depends entirely on what you look for. There are things the Kiera Knightly version does well. And then there is the rightness of the BBC mini series with Jennifer Ehle. Of the two I prefer the latter, but I don’t always have a full 6 hours to watch the whole thing.

  3. I love that scene. I love every Jane Austen book and film version. Just watched Lost in Austen today!

    And I’m beyond giddy that you exercise to ABBA songs. I love ABBA. They make me happy. And now, so do you. That’s probably why we’re romantigals. 😉

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