Pride and Prejudice and Sunrise

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I am not a morning person by inclination.  This is a well-established fact.  I am generally offended by the entire idea of being up and out of bed when it’s still dark out, when the bed is nice and cozy and still singing its siren song (because you KNOW the best sleep is totally had […]

Work In Progress

Midweek Check-In

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I actually have a mini-streak going with consecutive writing days right now.  Not huge numbers, but that’s not really the point just now.  Sunday: 509, Monday: 551, Tuesday: 400 (which was a minor miracle given all the work disaster phone calls I had to deal with after 5). This has been one of the biggest […]

Operation Goddess In Training

Hill Tracks

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I’m tied up in the conference room with more training today, so this is a quickie. There are 3 major hills on my running route.  Up to this point I’ve mostly been walking up them and running down them.  Yay for the assistance of gravity.  But as I’ve been pushing myself to add more jogging/running […]