Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

First check-in of Round 4.  Been going for only 2 days and usually I don’t have a lot to report.  My focus has been on Be Careful lately.  I’m so close to finishing, and I’ve hit that stretch for the end where I keenly feel the suck I have imposed upon my heroine, so I want to make it better for her.  I’m ready to push through.

After all the stress of the last couple of weeks, I took Monday off for a cave day.  And spewed out 2,800 words (which is a lot for me).  It was glorious, despite the lack of lemon poppyseed bread as a reward (the weekend wiped them out at the coffeeshop).  It made up for the days I didn’t write the week before.  I knocked out another 800ish yesterday.  I seem to be in this pattern where I spew out most of a scene in broad strokes, getting down dialogue and blocking in the first setting, then coming back the next day and finishing it out into something resembling actual prose.  It’s not always how I work, but it’s working for this particular WIP.

I finally got my copy of C.J. Redwine’s Deception (follow up to her amazing Defiance) but I haven’t been able to bring myself to start it.  She absolutely GUTTED ME with Defiance and I know she’s going to do the same thing with Deception (I’ve been warned about Chapter 40…so I’m just gonna make the brownies when I get close to that point).  I rarely cry at anything, so the fact that she had me weeping like I’d lost my dog says a lot about her skill as a writer.

Before I dive in, I’m enjoying the quick, quirky fun of Wendy Sparrow’s The Teacher’s Vet, which is adorable.

I hope everyone else is having a good start to the round.

2 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Haha “Cave Day” I love that idea. I may have to find a different cave to “hole up” in, though. This one is far too domesticated, and the other occupants expect me to cook. The nerve of some people!

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