Three Awesome Things

I have serious <3 for Coffitivity.  I got this from Kelsey Macke.  This website provides background noise of COFFEESHOPS!  There are three different tracks available.  Morning Murmur (my fave), Lunchtime Lounge, and University Undertones.  I know, it sounds nuts.  But I work SO MUCH BETTER when this is on!  It’s this great white noise that evokes my happy place.  And unlike being in a real coffee shop, it’s this sort of hum.  You can’t actually understand what they’re saying.  

Verily Magazine.  I don’t even know what their normal content is, but in a world of Photoshop altered models, the editors of this magazine NEVER USE PHOTOSHOP.  They use REAL WOMEN, not models.  And these women are gorgeous just the way they are!  How awesome is that?  I mean, look at this woman.  My God, her smile is amazing.  Proof that a good photographer who knows how to play up real assets is worth his weight in gold.

Amazon’s Whispersync program.  Now, I’d heard about this a long time ago but I didn’t pay particular attention to what it actually is.  thought it was to somehow add audio to your Kindle, which I really wasn’t into.  But no, what it is, is that if you buy a Kindle book, if that book is participating in the program, you can get the professional audio from AUDIBLE for a reduced price.  So, for example, I bought Inez Kelley’s Take Me Home for $2.51 (and well worth it–LUMBERJACK ROMANCE).  And as part of Whispersync, I bought the audio for $2.99.  This is something that would’ve cost me a full credit with my old Audible membership at $14.95 a month.  So for $5.50, I got the ebook AND the audio.  AND–here’s the BEST PART–you can swap back and forth between the two formats and it will PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF (hence the sync part).  This is like, the coolest thing ever.  The drawback is that not every book participates, but there’s still a HUGE number of books that are.  Forsaken By Shadow is one of them, in case you were wondering.  


7 thoughts on “Three Awesome Things

  1. I like the morning murmur the best of the three. But what I really like to write to is a thunderstorm. Is that weird?

    Yay for real people! I hate when models are photoshopped. And I hate that they are usually too skinny!

    That whispersync thing is pretty cool. Except that I’m always listening to a different book on audio than on my other devices. LOL

  2. OMG I *love* a good thunderstorm to write to. And we get some real doozies in Fla. I bust out ye old paper-and-pen or notebook and scribble scribble like a banshee. I don’t know if it’s the energy or what.

    I knew there are Youtube links of cackling fires, and a site where you can play tracks of white noise–thunderstorms, beach sounds, etc. Imma gonna halfta check out this coffee shop one, though. Thx!

    1. Oh I use for storms and beaches and stuff. Sometimes I do that WITH Coffitivity so that it’s like being inside a coffeeshop when it’s RAINING OUTSIDE.

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