End of ROW80 Round 4

As I’m sitting here full to the gills with Christmas dinner (bacon wrapped teriyaki pork, corn casserole, squash dressing, bacon wrapped green beans), I realize it’s the end of Round 4.  So, to review goals for this round:



  1. Write 20 out of 30 days.  Did this.  Out of the last 80 days, I wrote 66 of them for a total of 64,119 words.  That works out to an average of 971 words a day.  Quite happy with that, particularly considering the distractions I’ve had this last month.
  2. Finish Be Careful, It’s My Heart.  Did that, released it in November.
  3. Finish the first piece of my Super Seekrit Project and release it.  Did that.  Released Once Upon A Snow Day earlier this month.
  4. Finish plotting out and begin the next Mirus project.  Hard left turn from this one.  I’ve been working on other Meet Cute stories, plotting out the next Wishful novel, and working on my ebook formatting course.
  5. Keep working on daily meditation.  I’m so craptastic at this.  I confess I haven’t even been trying.  Still going to work on it after the new year.

I can’t remember if I added any goals this round or not, but all in all I’m very happy with the end results of this round.

Next week I’ll do my year in review.  I’ve got my handy dandy charts to compare the last four years (because, yeah, I’m THAT girl…I like data…sue me).

Meanwhile, I’m chugging right along on Once Upon A New Year’s Eve.  Been through 3 outlines for the thing before settling on one I’m really happy with.  Woke up this morning and spewed out nearly 1k, which I wholly didn’t expect to get on Christmas Day, so that was a present to me.

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday and enjoys the rest of 2013!

3 thoughts on “End of ROW80 Round 4

  1. That’s a great Christmas present to yourself, Kait. Delightful! And the sheer number of “Did that”s on your goals… Sounds like a wonderful round. Here’s a to a new year and even more reasons to cheer.

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