Three Awesome Things: Christmas Edition

So we actually had Christmas way early this year as my dispatcher husband had to work Christmas and Christmas Eve (he graciously did so to allow the folks with kids to be there for the holidays–isn’t he wonderful?).  He’s a bonus awesome thing.  So anyway, we did our presents on Christmas Eve Eve.  I got so many wonderful pressies, but I thought I would feature 3 of my favorites.

Ginormous 18 ounce YODA MUG.  There is nothing in the world like starting your day with Yoda telling you “May the Force be with you.”  Talk about getting off on the right foot!  Hubby got one with Vadar and “Welcome to the Dark Side”.

The Bag of Holding.  Probably nobody who isn’t a gamer will understand the fabulousness of this.  This was a Think Geek special and it’s kinda like the Tardis.  Holds way more than it looks like on the outside.  Bonus awesome: It can be carried as a messenger bag OR a backpack!

New socks with TEA POTS and TEA MUGS ON THEM!  Nuff said.

What fabulous presents did YOU get this year?


2 thoughts on “Three Awesome Things: Christmas Edition

  1. I have been coveting the Think Geek bag of holding for a while now and did not get it for Christmas. I think I shall get my laptop a prezzie and buy it for myself. 🙂 My one fear is that I will stuff it so full my poor back will start to hate me.

    As for presents, I got an immersion blender which will have it’s debut when I make a creamy tomato and feta soup this weekend. I also received many gift cards to B&N and Amazon which fills my heart with much happiness thinking of all the books I can purchase. The husband also got me some snazzy Smart Wool socks. Given how far the temps are going to dip up here, they will come in very handy.

  2. Since hubby has been having health problems and will be out of work for awhile, we didn’t get each other anything. So the only “big” thing I got was money from my oldest son and his wife. Bless them. My younger son is kinda broke, like us, so he and his fiancee had a neat idea. They found an old poster of mine at my mom’s house. I mean like when I was a teenager. It was of Paul McCartney and Wings, and it had a collage of pictures. So they framed it for me, and I’m going to hang it in my office. Sometimes the simplest things are so neat.

    One really cool present I got. My friend saw me admiring this candelabra at Earthbound when we were in Panama City Beach in June. My husband thought it was the ugliest thing ever, but I loved it. It’s pink, red, purple, yellow, and green. Anyway, she bought that for me. I wasn’t that surprised because she’s always in tune to things I express interest in. 🙂

    My best gift was having my family together at my house. I loved that. My sons and their families are the best. And, of course, my mom and hubby.

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