Looking For My Post Holiday Balance


I have officially hit my OD point on holiday…everything.  Too much rich food (and tighter pants to show for it).  Too many cheesy holiday movies/stories.  Too much extra stuff in my house.

I feel…off.

I usually try to eat up leftovers and stuff because I hate to waste food, but I’m absolutely ready to toss anything that isn’t healthy.   And I really really wanna detox.  Shrink my portions, load up on VEGGIES.  There is ham and lentil soup or maybe some minestrone in my future.  Something brothy and filling but not heavy.  Not to mention I would like to drink a metric TON of water to flush my system out from all the excess SALT.  So NOT feeling like a Goddess In Training at the moment.  More like this:

Part of the off, too, is that my exercise program has fallen by the wayside.  The last week of work, I was sick and not exercising.  And since I’ve been off, I’ve not been exercising.  Getting caught up on sleep for the first time since, oh, this time last year, has been nice, but It’s like…IDK, being a creaky door that needs oiling.   I’m ready to get back to weight lifting and…whatever other exercise I decide to throw in.  I’m thinking maybe yoga for a while.  I wonder if Netflix has yoga routines…  I just haven’t been able to make myself get up when it’s dark and go OUTSIDE in the cold to exercise.  And I want to get back to my walk breaks at work.  Doing a quick loop around the block to loosen up during the day on the not rainy days.   I need to start actually using The Walk app I bought.

Does it count as being ready for spring cleaning when it isn’t even January yet?

2 thoughts on “Looking For My Post Holiday Balance

  1. i get exactly what you mean. I’ve kept up with most of my exercise, although I didn’t walk on the treadmill on my days off. I think it’s because I do it first thing, and if I get up late, I’m too hungry to do it. But my eating habits? Bleh. Too much cheese (is there such a thing?). And I still have multiple cheese balls in my fridge from the party at my house. I even took them to another party, and they won’t go away! I wonder if they would be good if I froze them?

    The holidays aren’t over until New Year’s Day, right? And then, it’s back to the routines. 🙂

  2. I’ve never found yoga streaming on Netflix. It’s on my to-do list to look for something good on YouTube, but it’s on the to-do list keep in my head and constantly forget, so…yeah.

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