Sunday Summary and #ROW80

  1. Well I am finally home after my birthday trip with hubby.  The pups are passed out, we’re unpacked, laundry is started, and we’re watching Pitch Perfect for the thousandth time (Pitch Perfect 2 has been confirmed with all my fave peeps!).
  2. The trip itself was mostly awesome.  We went to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Just for a long weekend, so 2 of the 3 days we were going and coming, but the cabin was fabulous and it was beautiful.  We hiked up to Brasstown Bald, which was gorgeous.  And at the Chocolate Express in Blue Ridge, we got some of the BEST FUDGE we’ve ever had. AMAZING.  And this morning we had breakfast at the Serenity Cafe (also in Blue Ridge).  FABULOUS biscuits.  Really great food, excellent service.
  3. The less than awesome portion was our trip to Ikea to get the bookcases I’ve been wanting for a YEAR (which was the whole reason we actually went there as opposed to somewhere else).  We’ve never been to Ikea before and I can’t say I’m inclined to ever go back if I don’t have to.  There were 5,000 people there, in a ludicrous human sized rat maze, and after all that, they didn’t HAVE the bookcases I wanted in black (there were 15 yesterday) and the only had ONE of the flanking ones in white.  I bought what they had in white (which will look fine–our trim is white–it just wasn’t my first choice), and the nice checker guy was kind enough to call the manager to ask if I could buy the floor model (they said no).  But I’m so generally enraged that they didn’t let me buy it online or over the phone earlier in the week so that it would be freaking RESERVED and THERE since I was coming from TWO STATES AWAY.  I’m going to get a friend or family member in a city with an Ikea pick up the one I’m missing and hold it hostage until I come visit.  I didn’t even get any of the baskets I wanted to go with it because I couldn’t bear trying to even find the damn things.  If I didn’t get away from all those people someone was either going to get hurt or I was going to burst into tears.  CROWDS ARE BAD.  The whole experience was traumatic.
  4. In more positive news, I had some unexpected Mirus inspiration with some of the denizens of Clementine.  Don’t have a full story yet, but a good general concept that I’m working on fleshing out.  Something I might play with later in the year when I’m finished with the Wishful novel I’ll be starting this week.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80

  1. Ugh, yes, Ikea. Cheap stuff, reasonable quality, the vast majority of my furniture is from there…but the stores have been known to incite murder. And that’s before you get to the assembly. (You’re doing a bookshelf, you’ll be fine. Drawers are the worst.) Sounds like a lovely trip otherwise, at least!

  2. Although I love my bookcase from Ikea, I sympathize with your frustrations. Every Ikea store is a crowded labyrinth, and you can’t buy any of their products online, which means that if you want something from Ikea, you might have to drive to another state to get it. We’re in the same boat. If we want a piece of furniture from Ikea, we have to drive to North Carolina (from Virginia) to get it. I can’t imagine how irked I would be if I drove all the way to Charlotte and they didn’t have the item I wanted. Ugh!

    But the other part of your trip–the hiking, the cabin–sounds wonderful, and I hope you enjoyed every moment of it. Have a great week, Kait. 🙂

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