A (Probable) Return of Pots and Plots

So in March of last year I took an indefinite hiatus from my food blog Pots and Plots.  Out of everything on my plate, it was the one non-essential.  I didn’t really have any notion of stopping entirely, but as time went on, it was nice to just be able to cook something, get it on the table, and not have to worry about anything but the dishes.   No calculating nutrition information or writing up recipes (because I haven’t been in a creative frame of mind on that front in a while) or taking a photo and editing it (which, in itself, was kind of tragic, as somebody in my family bought me Plate to Pixel for Christmas year before last).   2013 was a recovery year on a lot of fronts.

Enter the new casein allergy.

Which means I’m now in the process of Converting All The Things to be dairy free.  And, you know, if I’m doing it ANYWAY, I’m already writing it down so don’t forget (which is, actually, how I got started food blogging in the first place).   So…yeah, it looks like I’m reviving Pots and Plots.

And we’re starting with Dairy Free Lemon (Not Really) Yogurt Cake with Freezer Fruit Compote, which was a pretty damned good start (and much better than the lemon snot pie I tried from somebody else’s blog).

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