Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been an eventful week!

  1. I wrote a post about writer entitlement.  It went viral.  This has never happened before!  I got shares and applause and thumbs up from all kinds of writers I really admire!  So for at least five minutes, I won the internet.
  2. I knocked out my bonus goal for Round 3–writing and publishing another Meet Cute Romance.  Once Upon A Coffee is a crossover with my Wishful series and should appeal to anybody who ever loved the movie You’ve Got Mail.
  3. I finally sorted out how to split my newsletter mailing list into groups based on the various genres I write in, so subscribers no longer have to hear about the stuff they aren’t interested in.  I’ve long asked the question “Which of my books do you read?” but never knew how to do anything with that information.  But now I do.  The default if I didn’t have that information is to hear about everything.  I sent out a newsletter about it, so hopefully everybody who wishes can update their preferences.
  4. I’ve knocked out about 4300 words on TY this week.  I’m in that slow, awkward phase of Act 2.  I know what needs to happen, but it’s going slowly in the execution.  I’m anticipating hitting the midpoint by end of next week, after which I expect to gain some of that back side momentum.
  5. Also on the writing front, I woke up with Mirus plotty thoughts this morning.  I’ve had a loose idea for a prequel short story to go along with the next Mirus novel, Uncharted and this morning I figured out the specifics–or a large chunk of them anyway.  That’s been on my to do list for a month or two, so it’s nice to have that coming together.
  6. Hubs and I are discussing the implementation of regular unplugged time.  A nightly cutoff and a day on the weekend (apart from my writing time).  I tend to stay unplugged from my phone on weekends anyway, but I’m always on my laptop.  We’ve done the whole unplugged thing in the past and just gotten out of the routine, but it’s time to start back.  It’s just healthier.
  7. In the realm of handy stuff to know, if you bring home fresh spinach from the grocery and immediately transfer it to an airtight container (rather than the plastic box it comes in from the store), it will last INFINITELY LONGER.  I had gotten out of the habit of buying spinach because we didn’t manage to go through all of it before it went bad.  But in the summer, I really enjoy a good salad.  By putting it in another container, I had the whole thing last 8 days (it would’ve lasted longer, but I ate it all).  Since spinach is one of the organics I buy, I definitely want to NOT waste it.
  8. I’ve been teary eyed half the week.  This is purely Laini Taylor’s fault.  I’m almost finished with Days of Blood and Starlight in audio, which I’ve had for ages, but I had to wait until Dreams of Gods and Monsters came out because I KNEW she was going to make things so much MORE horrible (which is saying something because the end of Daughter of Smoke and Bone was horrible) in book 2 and I needed to be able to go on to book 3 immediately.  I’ll be starting a Tawna Fenske novel to take the edge off.  She’s always laugh out loud hilarious.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Yay for your post going viral! And I read it here first! What a great feeling to have the world bow down at your feet if only for just a moment.

    I agree with you on the regular unplugged time. I’ve had to set an alarm just to get me off the computer in time to go to bed so I can actually get up for work the next day without groaning that the alarm went off waaaay too early. But it’s not only that. When I intentionally leave the screen for a while it ends up being refreshing and rejuvenating and I feel more balanced and in control.

  2. I couldn’t believe how many comments you got on that Entitlement post! That was awesome.

    I haven’t read (listened to) Days of Blood and Starlight yet. I need to get both it and the third one.

    I can’t wait to read Once Upon a Coffee!

    1. OMG it’s just GUTWRENCHING. I need a spare 16 hours to finish it… I don’t know why I tried to write today. I only got a piddly 157 words because my brain is all BUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

  3. Congratulations on having a post go viral, I think that’s one of those things that most of us wish would happen so really well done for getting that to happen.
    I did the unplugged time last week and felt so much better for it. I love that you’re making it a regular thing again with the Hubby.
    Great progress and I wish you the best of luck in keeping it up for the rest of the round.

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