Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been a ZOO at work today, so just popping in for a quick check-in.  I’m still slogging through the last of Act 2 (I swear to GOD, it’s a freaking tar pit), but I’m tying things together and getting closer and closer to the midpoint with every word.  Two scenes to go!  Been reading a lot in snatches–will post about what on Friday.  And I’m working on outlining another Wishful novella.  When I get this WIP out the door, I might try juggling dual projects again with the Mirus novel I have planned.  This has never gone well in the past, but I might manage it eventually.  Or maybe I can try this lunatic plan for writing a novel in a weekend.  Theoretically, if I plan it well enough, I could probably knock out something novella length in a few weekends.  Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Yep, that’s a lunatic plan. LOL. Virginia Nelson, who taught a sprinting class both in Arizona and in Vegas, wrote her first novel in two weeks. And she writes LONG novels.

    I’m thinking of doing dual projects next time, too. It hasn’t ever worked for me, either, but there’s a first time for everything. Maybe we can both do it. *giving the evil eye to an author I know who works on multiple projects*

    1. I think my biggest issue is that I have very different voices for the kinds of projects I want to work on, and I have a hard time switching between the two. If I was working on two in the same style, I think I could do it. But…the whole point of dual projects is to get two different things done…

  2. Hmmm…. I did do a 20k novella over a 3 Day Weekend once (and then failed the next time I tried.) It’s the 3 Day Novel contest http://www.3daynovel.com/
    I was well prepared, not just with an outline and notes, but I was using a study room at the college where hubby and I work, and I had frozen dinners I could heat whenever I wanted to. And, of course, my hubby’s buy-in that I would spend the ENTIRE day, all 3 Days, at the school while he took care of the kids.

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