Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

OMG, so much to do today!  Between yesterday’s writing session, going to see Into The Storm with hubby, and the Outlander premier party with my girlfriends, the ONLY thing on today’s list that got knocked out was one load of laundry.  So I’ll keep this brief and to the point.

  1. I am halfway through my midpoint scene.  I may or may not get it finished today.  Depends on how well my brain is firing once I supply it with some caffeine this morning and how long hubby sleeps.  I made another adjustment to Act 2 for pacing this week, cutting out some deadweight and adding one more important scene that I finished yesterday.  And I realized that the scene I originally thought was my MP is no longer necessary and the scene I’m in the middle of actually functions as MP, so I’m ALMOST THERE.
  2. I plotted out another Wishful novella earlier this week.  It’s a very simple, straightforward plot (as novellas tend to be).  After all the mucking about in act 2 of TY, it’s SO tempting to move on to it next instead of jumping back into Mirus (which will NOT be simple or straightforward).  Some of that may depend on how far I am into the plotting of Uncharted when I finish TY.  I have the main plot points and some of the action, but I have a lot of work to do before it’s ready to start.
  3. Yesterday we hung the first piece of hubby’s work in the house.  We got this gorgeous shot of a cello done up on a huge canvas in tryptich.  So it’s now the crowning glory of the living room and hubs is very excited.  It looks great and I’m quite pleased to finally have some large artwork to take up some of our very large walls.  While we had the big ladder out, we finally checked out the living room fan.  During the great flood and the ceiling replacement and all that mess, once the ceiling was done, they came back out to rehang the fan.  The guys who did it were complete morons and took an HOUR to get it rewired right to the double switch and once they left, the thing was wobbling all over the place, so we hadn’t been able to use it.  Turns out the idiots just didn’t tighten the screws that hold the head of the fan to the rod it hangs from.  So at least it was nice and easy.
  4. So my holy grail since being forced to go dairy free (and finding Daiya to satisfy my cheese needs) has been to make a dairy free lemon icebox pie.  My first attempt at this was actually during my full elimination diet months ago (meaning no soy and no almond milk) and the end results were, more or less, lemon snot.  Not pleasant.  Not nice.  The recipe I was following used coconut milk and while I can see how that might work fine for ice cream or something with chocolate, it does NOT work with lemon because you can still taste the coconut.  So Friday, I determined to make my own sweetened condensed milk with soy milk.  And I started out with 5 cups of organic, non-GMO unsweetened soy milk and a cup of sugar.  It took me three hours (during which I was doing other stuff–like cooking the epic shepherd’s pie, doing a metric ton of dishes, and writing from the kitchen counter) to reduce to 12 ounces.  Now I could probably do it in an hour, but it took me a long time to sort out the right level of heat to actually evaporate stuff without hitting a rolling boil.  So I used super conservative heat.  Another hour and I’d have had caramel.  Anyway, mixed it up Friday night (and hey, I learned from Lauralynn Elliott that the acid in the lemon juice is what makes lemon pie thicken–I didn’t know that!) and it actually became a PIE SHAPED THING.  I took it to the party with my girlfriends last night and it was deemed good and not scary.  I think the recipe will take a bit of tweaking (and I’d like to try it with almond milk too, just to see) before I actually post it on the blog, but IT CAN BE DONE. So that’s another step back toward normality–or my closest approximation thereto.
  5. We had a party for the premier of Outlander.  There were, of course, immediately some details that popped up (you cannot have a room of 7 fangirls not notice these things), but overall, we thought they did a really nice job bringing the book to life.  The score was gorgeous, the scenery beautiful, and the acting very well done, particularly the dude who’s playing Frank/Black Jack Randall.  He really made you feel like you were looking at different people!  Looking forward to the rest of the season!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Yes, Outlander was awesome! Might be a couple of tiny things but, for me, it was wonderful to watch an adaptation that I didn’t have to nitpick every scene of (a la Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings)!

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