Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Summary

It’s been a VERY LONG WEEK.  I finally started to get somewhere on word count Friday and Saturday.  Then Saturday afternoon, I drove up to my hometown for the wedding of one of my former babysitting charges.  I went with my mom.  We had a great time at the reception.  Other than the bride’s family, we didn’t actually know anybody else there (which was weird).   But we ended up making friends with some folks on the groom’s side.  It was a prime example of Mississippi being one big small town.  They ended up going to church with my mom’s little sister from her college sorority.  I ended up being a year behind their daughter at the same school in undergrad.  Anyway, after a fun time at the reception, Mom and I were going our separate ways when she took a bad step off a curb and landed flat on her face.  Blood gushing everywhere.  It was brutally hot.  She just about passed out from heat stroke.  People were spilling out of the restaurant to help.  Somebody grabbed a nurse from the party.  So…from there to the ER.

Now I had planned to drive home right after, so we had multiple cars.  It was fairly late anyway, and I moved away from home 16 years ago, so pretty much everybody I know is gone by now, and when we were getting ready for the wedding and mom was switching to a different purse I was like “We’re just going to the wedding, you don’t need your cell phone.”  PSA: Always take your cell phone because nobody has a land line anymore.  So I called my oldest friend.  “Who do we know who still lives here.”  She tried her cousin, who’d moved literally 3 days ago.  Then she called her sister, who didn’t actually live there anymore, but turned out to be on her way there and was half an hour away.  So she came and was kind enough to pick me up from the ER, take me to my car, follow me from there to my mom’s house where I dropped the car, and then drove me BACK to the ER.

Get Mom home around 1 AM.  She has fractures in her nose and face, broke her hand, and bruised the crap out of her already bad knee.  So of COURSE I stayed the night.  Now, this was an evening wedding, so I was dressed to the nines.  And I wasn’t planning on staying originally, so I had NOTHING WITH ME.  So it was in my sequined little black dress and heels that I went to Walmart this morning to pick up clean underwear and something else to wear.  I looked like I was doing the walk of shame.  It was awesome.

She’s following up with the plastic surgeon on Monday.  Nothing was out of alignment, so that was good.  Her chin is flat out black today and her nose all scraped up.  Miraculously, it looks like she isn’t going to have blackened eyes.  Anyway, I’m finally home and got nothing done on the writing front.  Managed to take tomorrow off the Evil Day Job, so I intend to SLEEEEEEEP.  SO.  Freaking.  TIRED.  Anyway, that’s the update.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Summary

  1. I can’t like this post in good conscience, with your mom all bruised up – but you buying clean underwear and day clothes in your little black evening number tickles me. I wonder what people were thinking.

    May your mom heal, and you sleep well.

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