Final Round 3 Check-In

My goals for this round were minimal and simple:

1) Write 20 days out of every 30.  Done.  71 days out of 80.

2) Finish the first draft of To Get Me To You.  Not done.  I made another significant change to the middle this Round that was a set back.  But I’m rolling on it now and just about to cross the 70k mark.  I got all the preorder stuff set up.  It’ll release December 8th.  So I have to have it done by November 29th.  I’m shooting to finish the draft by end of October so that I’ll have the rest of November to knock out revisions.

3) Outline Uncharted.  Didn’t happen.  I got some work on that done.  I set up a toolkit for another Mirus novella (also not completely outlined).  I completed a full toolkit for another Wishful novella.  And started yet ANOTHER toolkit for ANOTHER Wishful novel.  So I plotted stuff, just not what I originally planned.

4) Employ tools to limit my distraction and up my actual productive time.  This was a fair to middling success.  I ended the round with 71,335 words.  A fair chunk of that is plotting work.  But I don’t feel like doing the math to figure out how much.  Maybe a quarter to third.  I’m at 230, 427 for the year so far.

Bonus Goal) Write another Meet Cute.  Done!  I write and put out Once Upon A Coffee.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased.  The book has taken longer than I wanted, but it’s going to be much stronger for the changes.

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