Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I had all these grand plans to get a big chunk of a Meet Cute done while I was waiting on revision notes.  This just flat didn’t happen.  I couldn’t focus.  I did some plotting on various things, so it wasn’t a total waste.  And I did a bit of well refilling with reading and some Netflix.
  2. I also overhauled the closet in the man cave.  This is a project long long overdue.  When we bought our house, all the closets were loaded with those cheap ass, crap wire shelves.  They hold little, aren’t that sturdy, and are poorly laid out to maximize space.  Two years ago, I picked up a couple of those commercial stainless steel shelving units.  I swapped out some of the shelving in the gym closet for those and the other set has been sitting in its box in the man cave for TWO YEARS.  The room itself is a repository for hubby’s music and photography gear, as well as assorted other crap.  80% of his stuff wasn’t even in the closet (because he just tossed it in the room and shut the door).  I made the mistake of walking in earlier this week to look for something and in my neurotic I’m waiting on revisions and need to control SOMETHING state, couldn’t take it anymore.  So I took the afternoon off work, pulled everything out of the room and the closet, yanked the old shelving down, put together the new set, robbed another shelf from the laundry room and properly organized the whole thing.  Hubby had sworn my plan wouldn’t work, that the closet was too small.  I proved him otherwise.  Never argue with an obsessive compulsive organized person.  Of course, then I had to rob something ELSE from the garage to replace the unit I pulled from the laundry room, and that meant organizing at least one other corner of the garage.  The whole rest of the garage is still the same mess it’s been since we moved in two and a half years ago.  I had grand intentions of tackling that on Saturday, but…
  3. Revisions from The Pink Hammer came on Friday morning, so I had to dive into that.  I did a bunch of the easy stuff–typos and commas and the like on Friday night.   Then yesterday I really dove in while hubby was out of town for the day.  I whittled the 55 scenes down to 4.  Two of those need intensive revision and two of them need replacing.  One of the replacements I might be able to pull and adapt from a scene I dumped into the scratchpad.  The other I haven’t figured out yet.  And then I still need to make dedicated passes for passive voice, crutch words, and that kind of thing.  I should get revision notes from my other two CPs by tonight.  I hope to get all the revisions done by Friday (as I will be out of town helping my mom deck out her house for Christmas on the weekend and also, hopefully, watching the Bulldogs trounce Alabama on Saturday), so that I can send ARCs out to those folks.  And then I can FINALLY go wallow in the plotting of  my next book.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I can relate–everytime I’m waiting on notes from The Hammer, I can’t focus on ANYTHING else. So I go OCD on the condo. Funny, I’m never like this with my trad pub editor…only Susan wields such phenomanal, cosmic power over me (the itty-bitty living space). 😀

  2. I still can’t believe your husband actually tried to argue with you about that closet. All this time, and he hasn’t learned?

    Every time we talk about the pink hammer, I get Maxwell’s Silver Hammer stuck in my head all day. LOL

  3. I’m tired just reading your check-in, Kait. I’m also sitting between two rooms that need to be decluttered and organized and a bathroom and bedroom that also need some serious attention. I have the motivation … just not the determination or inclination. You’ll have to pop into the man cave every now to revel in your accomplishments. TTFN

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