Midweek #ROW80 Check-In and To Get Me To You E-Cards

So it’s Wednesday and I keep forgetting because I’m off for the holiday.  I’ve been running around feeling like it’s Saturday all day.

Since I’m off, I am finally sitting down to start my next project, She’s Got A Way, another Wishful novella following Liam Montgomery and Riley Gower (both of whom we meet briefly in To Get Me To You).  See, I’ve even got my new word count ticker over there in the sidebar.  I had plans of diving into this on Monday, but something wasn’t gelling for me.  I realized after my nap yesterday evening that I was trying to introduce my shero all wrong, so I spent last night revising my outline for Act 1 to reflect the changes there.  Counting today, I’ve got 40 days until I start back to work after the Christmas holidays, and of those 40 days, 11 of them are holidays from work (though I’ll be entertaining family for part of those), in addition to the actual weekends.  So I’m diving into this with a vengeance, doing my own little NaNo to try to finish the first draft of this (expected) 40k novella by the time I go back to work in January.  My average daily wordcount this year has been about 1100, with over 40k written in October when I was doing the final push to finish TGMTY, so theoretically this is totally doable.  We shall see.  Either way it looks like this year has equaled 3 short stories and a long novel in terms of publications.

Speaking of said novel, To Get Me To You releases TOMORROW everywhere, so if you’ve preordered, it’ll show up on your device of choice. If you didn’t you can nab it for instant gratification (or instant distraction from endless football or cheesy Christmas movies that started too early).  I’m leaving the price at $2.99 for the opening week before moving it on up to the final price of $4.99, so grab yours early!  And because I’m having to get back into the routine of promo (you know, that thing we authors consider a dirty word), I made a handful of e-cards for the book that y’all could share on social media, if you’re so inclined to help get the word out.

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