Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

I haven’t written properly in days.  I was gone all weekend to my mom’s, then I was catching up on stuff I didn’t get done because I was gone.  And now, now I’m sick.  Damn it.  I’ve got a sinus infection or cold or something.  Can’t breathe worth a damn.  I’ve been taking my vitamin C and zinc and echinecea, and using my various and sundry essential oils.  Hopefully I’ll start feeling better tomorrow.

I’m home now, at least.  I got blessed three times and had a variety of cold remedies recommended to me by the time I made it out of Walmart with my soup and crackers.  I’m sure I reek of Vick’s Vaporub but I can’t smell a thing.  A friend is hooking me up with some legitimate 12 hour Sudafed later today, thank you lord.

So I’m marathon watching Monarch of the Glen and drinking endless cups of tea.  There are worse ways of spending a sick day.

11 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

  1. Love, love, LOVE Monarch! (Altho I stopped watching when Archie left, because it just sort of seemed pointless to keep going at that point.) Have you tried Ballykissangel? I wish Netflix would bring it back. Because how do you beat a runaway confessional booth in the first episode? So, so Irish this show–it plucks my heart strings like a harp on Beltane.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Personally, I hate getting sick, because I take such care NOT to…unfortunately, not everyone is considerate about spreading plague germs. 🙁

          1. So you’ve got awhile yet–and the early/middle seasons are where all the good stuff is, anyway. (i.e. Archie’s love life FINALLY gets resolved after much back and forth, satisfactorily so.) You’ve got some fun ahead of you!

  2. I so enjoyed Monarch! I didn’t realize it was still available! I just love British humor and wit, especially the wonky character types like Monarch, or Doc Martin, or, yes, Ballykissangel. They show so much how character-driven stories work so very well! Have you ever watched the Vicar of Dibley? It’s more over-the-top and less realistic than the others, but ever so funny. 🙂 I think my favorite, though, is All Creatures Great and Small, about James Herriot, a city vet in a Yorkshire village.

    Anyway, I sure hope you start feeling better soon! Along with all your other remedies, and all the advice given you, have you ever tried a nasal saline rinse? Like a neti pot? I swear by mine – even when I have killer sinusitis with the accompanying pounding headache splitting my skull, I can still breathe freely and easily from using my neti pot. The only thing is, to use it safely, you have to be able to get at least a little air through each nostril, so the rinse goes in one nostril, runs through your sinus cavities and then exits through the other nostril, instead of running down your throat, which is just gross and could make you choke. Still, even with a RAGING sinus infection, I could still breathe.

    1. Yeah I have a nasal irrigator, which does what a netipot does but with the pulsating action of a waterpik. Much easier than the netipot.

      I read a bunch of James Herriot’s books when I was a kid. I didn’t know there was a show!

      1. The show was on in the 70s, so it looks dated, but they pulled most of the stories straight from the books. And Whovians like it because Tristan is played by Peter ‘Fifth Doctor’ Davison! He does the ‘debauched choirboy’ of Tristan so very well. 🙂 If you liked the books, you’ll like the show, too. 🙂

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