Three Awesome Things: Snow Day Edition

So the snow finally showed up.  We ended up with 4 inches I think.  My mom, an hour north of us, had over 8!  This is a Mississippi blizzard, and I am off work again today.  WOOT!  That said, it’s time for the snow day edition of awesome things!

This greyhound in BATMAN PAJAMAS totally gets that snow days are awesome.


This is Bob the 9th.  I have no idea why, but my whole life, every snow man I have ever built has been Bob.  Yes, I’m 35 and this is my 9th snowman.  We don’t get snow here.  Hubs and I were out playing in it at 9:30 last night.  I even made my first ever Mississippi snow angel!



And this is my famous, stick to your ribs, creamy potato soup, perfect for a cold, snowy day.  This is from my days before I had to go dairy free (I am still working on a dairy free equivalent).  It is…amazing.  Especially topped with bacon, cheddar, and scallions.

potato soup

2 thoughts on “Three Awesome Things: Snow Day Edition

  1. My son’s pit bull acts like that in the snow. His fiancee has been posting pics, and it’s so funny.

    We got 6 inches of snow here. I’m trying to figure out if I want to go out and make a snowman. I’m technically supposed to be working, but I’m pretty much done except for monitoring my email and our company FB page. It’s really sunny here, and the snow is melting off the trees. 🙁

    I need to try that potato soup. I’ve never had it where it’s blended smooth rather than having chunks.

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