Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

tumblr_mcum2yptCD1ryi4ijHow is it already time for another progress report?  I think all my days are running together with the incessant RAIN!  I feel like I ought to be stowing oars in my car for just in case.  The yard is soup and the dogs are giving me this miserable “Make it stop, mommy” look that just breaks my heart.  We’ve all got cabin fever, and I’m starting to feel that niggle that presages spring cleaning in a BIG BIG way.

After a whole lot of fits and starts, I think I’m finally (maybe) starting to get back in the groove on this book.  About 4k since Sunday.  I got to one of my candy bar scenes yesterday (those scenes that I know almost from the beginning that I can’t wait to write…it’s my motivation to keep going because I rarely write out of order), and I’m hitting the midpoint this week.  I’m optimistic that I can knock out this first draft by end of April, if not before.  That is, of course, a good month behind schedule, but I did put out a cookbook and write a class in that  span, too, neither of which were on the docket, so I’ll take it.

Once that’s out the door, I’ll be diving into an anthology novella and finalizing the plot for Judd and Autumn’s book, which is my really meaty project for the year.  That one’s LOADED with candy bar scenes.  :rubs hands together with glee:

Out of sheer curiosity, I did some poking around, looking at my all time highest ranking search terms for my blog.  I’ve had this thing in one guise or another since 2007, I think.  The very highest were all variations of my name, my book titles (which is as it should be), followed by the reviews I’ve done of some workout programs, pants for women with curves, Celtic tree tattoos, and–this is the interesting one–romance novels for men.  I have no idea if this is straight guys looking for romance or gay men looking for MM romance (which I have actually been told is more often read by hetero women, for some reason) or what.  But I found it interesting and wonder if there’s an untapped market there for someone.  My post on the topic was postulating exactly what romance novels for men would look like.  My top posts largely coincide with those search terms.  My home page, my review of The Spartacus Workout, How to Change the Editor Font in Scrivener for Windows (with SCREENSHOTS!), Pants for  Women with Curves, my rant about Entitlement in Writer Culture (my one experience with going viral), Romance Novels for Men?, and book stuff.  I’m still trying to figure out why my post on having The Crud is such a top hit.  Seriously?  Are people looking for a medical diagnosis of the specifics of The Winter Crud that EVERYONE gets in some guise or other?  IDK.  The internet is weird.

Operation G.I.T. hasn’t exactly been going stellar.  I only JUST managed to start getting up on time last week, which was thrown off by a snow day and dealing with our guest dog.  And then the Evil Daylight Savings Time this week.  Plus I tweaked my back on Sunday, so that knocked me out of doing anything but gentle stretching until last night at TKD (we rolled!  Nice to know I remember how to do that from my time in aikido).  It’s…a work in progress…  I have SUCH trouble getting out of bed when it’s still dark.  But I have successfully cut sugar out for a week and have gotten past the whole headachy, craving portion of that process.  I will take it.

8 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. It’s raining like that here, too. My dog’s lot is just pure mud. He doesn’t mind nearly as much as I do. LOL

    I’ve noticed that I still get a lot of notifications of someone commenting on the Scrivener font post. Apparently, that’s been VERY helpful.

  2. We had rain like that over the weekend and through Monday, but yesterday it dawned (entirely too early, mind you) bright and sunny, with annoying birds twittering outside my window, in such ridiculous good moods, I might add. Damn birds.

    However, even just thinking of buying a shotgun helped me cope with the damn birds. 😉

    I hope your groove continues, and you’ll be able to finish it for your new deadline!

    1. With a few isolated days of no rain, we’ve had precipitation the majority of the last 2 weeks. There are suddenly buds on my fruit trees in the back yard, and spring is just around the corner–if it’ll just DRY OUT. At which point, yeah, thinking about a shotgun for the birds that think 6 a.m. is a reasonable time to tweet will become a viable option.

  3. 4k since Sunday is impressive, and the sugar free week may be more impressive still. I think sugar free life will help you concentrate and probably help your productivity. The rain is a drag, but I live in Tucson, so I have some trouble empathizing.

  4. I love how everyone’s responding to your comments about the weather – I’m from Ireland and the weather is pretty much the subject of every conversation here! 😉 I really like the candy bar description, those scenes are just the best to write!

  5. Oh, we lived in Oregon where you could tell the season by the temperature of the rain. If you didn’t go outside in the rain, you didn’t go outside. So I sympathize with you. The sun is coming. Thanks for sharing those ‘candy bar’ scenes that compel you to write. That’s a neat way to talk about what pulls us as writers into the story. And re ‘fits and starts’, aren’t these what surprises us later as we write? Have another good week.

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