Fiction Friday Round-up: Candis Terry’s Sweet, Texas

I had other stuff I was going to post about this morning, but the stupendosity (shut up, it’s a word) of the deal I found when I got online this morning dictated a change.  I’ve posted before about how much I ADORE Candis Terry’s Sweet, Texas series.  It’s one of my all time favorite contemporary romance series, and it winds up in July with the 5th book (:cries:).  If you haven’t actually read this series, NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY IT.

The first book, Anything But Sweet, is currently FREE at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo (probably iBooks, though I haven’t looked).  Go forth and buy it, RIGHT NOW.

Welcome to Candis Terry’s Sweet, Texas, a sexy new contemporary series where the wild Wilder brothers find love in a town that, despite its name, is anything but sweet…

War and the deaths of loved ones have changed Ex-marine Reno Wilder’s attitude. Now this military man is ready to settle down into a calmer life. So when Sweet is chosen as a destination for a makeover TV show, he’s less than pleased about the potential disruption to his routine.

Headstrong show host and designer Charlotte Brooks arrives in Sweet ready to change everything, including Reno. Locked in a face-off neither saw coming, will they be able to find common ground and realize that a life together could be sexy…and also very sweet?


And because you’re going to LOVE THIS BOOK and this town as much as I do, you should go right on ahead and pick up all the following books which are a paltry 99 cents each!  Go ahead.  Go.  Buy.  Sexy ex-military cowboys (and firefighters).  A matchmaking mama.  Delightful small town.  Awesome old people.  A pet goat.  THERE IS NOTHING NOT TO LOVE HERE.

2 thoughts on “Fiction Friday Round-up: Candis Terry’s Sweet, Texas

    1. I love love love love love this series. And the audio is fantastic (though they aren’t all available in audio, for some reason). The narrator, Xe Sands, is who I’d like to hire to do Wishful someday when I can afford it.

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