Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

Apparently I totally missed Wednesday’s #ROW80 Progress Report.  Was up to my eyeballs in stuff at the EDJ.

  1. After last week’s discovery that I had a broken plot and some intensive reworking, I dove back into the book last Sunday.  I’m pleased to report I knocked it out of the park with over 9k words this week.  Kicking ass and taking names!  Nearly 3k of that was during yesterday’s coffee shop session.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to maintain that pace, but it would be fabulous if I could.  That would put me finishing this first draft in about a month.
  2. I didn’t get anything done this week on either of the novellas on this round’s Do List, but really not concerned with that at the moment.  My priority is finishing Liam and Riley’s book–tentatively retitled Know Me Well.  I think it’s probably going to stick, but I’m still living with it for a while.
  3. On Operation Goddess In Training, I’ve hit the six week mark on being back into an exercise routine.  No real progress on the scale, but I’m starting to feel the tightening of my upper abs, which is always the first sign things are starting to work.  With that in mind, I’m gearing up to switch from the Spartacus Workout DVDs I’ve been doing to get back in the groove to free weights.  Need to spend some time today programming those routines into the app on my phone.  I got a key to the dojo this week, so it’s also on my to do list to sort out when I can get in some open mat time.  I’ve got a belt test coming up, and I need some extra training.  I started Phase 1 of South Beach on Friday.  I’m not really concerned with sticking to South Beach as a total lifestyle, but I always find that the 2 week first phase is a great reset for my body, weaning me off the extra carbs and sugar.
  4. In case you missed it, this week’s recipe was egg rolls in a bowl.  Simple, tasty alternative to those who can’t do the egg roll wrappers because of gluten or just want a healthier alternative to deep fried egg rolls.

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