Three Awesome Things

How is it Thursday already?  I feel very ill prepared this week with my plethora of awesome things, so it’s gonna be a quick and dirty list.

So have you ever noticed that men tend not to remember a lot of stuff as well as women?  Turns out there’s science backing up why.

This was a fantastic article on The Under-Appreciated Benefits of Creative Consistency.  Well worth a read.

And Chuck Wendig has a thoughtful (as usual) post about the gender divide in response to DC’s announcement about a girls’ comic line.


Bonus: And just for fun, a short film imagining what it would be like if giraffes went to a swimming pool.

One thought on “Three Awesome Things

  1. What fun, Kait! You took me back a few years to when my daughter was a high school diver. Except they didn’t drip water coming out of the pool – I kept waiting for one of them to slip galloping away! Going to check out men’s brains now. 🙂

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