Three Awesome Things

Baby Clydesdales!!!!!!!


Jaws is coming back to the big screen.  Click the link to check for theaters near you.  My hubby’s summer is totally made.  Here, have one of the most iconic movie scores in history.

And hubby and I have recently started watching Penny Dreadful, a British horror show on Showtime.  FANTASTIC cast, incredible acting chops, amazing writing.  It’s graphic (because Showtime) but amazing.  It reminds me of Supernatural meets old school Sherlock Holmes.  And, frankly, it feels like a much darker version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  We’re only 2 episodes in, but we’re really digging it.

One thought on “Three Awesome Things

  1. Oh, the cuteness!

    I remember watching Jaws for the first time!

    Penny Dreadful sounds good, but I’m finding I don’t like really graphic horror much anymore. I like the more subtle stuff. But when you mention that it’s like a darker version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it really makes me want to watch it. Unfortunately, I have HBO, but not Showtime.

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