Late Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Progress Report

  1. So I finished all revisions to Know Me Well last week.  The final files are uploaded and ready to go out on release day the 14th.  I am very very ready to get on with the next thing.
  2. That next thing is Wish I Might, the novella I’m writing to go in the Virtually Yours anthology coming out later this fall.  I got started on that this weekend and promptly hated the opening scene.  This is not uncommon.  New projects often mean a fair bit of wandering and flailing while I search out the voice of new characters.  Reed Campbell is not being what you could call cooperative.  But I’ll get there.
  3. I also had a huge plot breakthrough regarding the next Wishful novel (which I can’t wait to write), Something’s Gotta Give.  My hero, Judd Hamilton is FINALLY talking (this after Autumn, his shero, has been chewing my ear since February), so I’m in a hurry to knock out the novella in order to bring this one front and center.  It’s gonna be AWESOME.
  4. I just started reading Sea Glass Sunrise by Donna Kauffman, which I’m loving.  Not that this is any surprise.  I already fell in love with Blueberry Cove in the previous trilogy about its bachelors.  I don’t love the brides any less.
  5. Our new gym memberships got approved on Friday.  It’s through hubby’s work and some payroll deduction dealie, so it took forever.  I’m really pumped to get back in the groove because other than walking the dogs and some bare minimum lifting at home, I’ve gotten into a kind of lazy rut.
  6. In case you missed it, this week’s recipe was Gluten Free Dairy Free Sausage Squash Casserole.  You know you need something to do with that bumper crop of squash.

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