End of Round 3 of #ROW80

So what the heck were my goals this round?  I hardly remember.

  1. Write at least 20 out of every 30 days (oldie but goodie). Yep, did this.  Cranked out 79,130 words.  Of that, just under 19k was plotting on various projects, so I guess that left me just over 60k of prose.
  2. Write, revise, and prepare for release my novella for the upcoming Virtually Yours anthology.  This one is a Wishful tie-in following Reed Campbell (youngest cousin of Cam from To Get Me To You) and Cecily Dixon (Norah’s intern, also from TGMTY).  I’ve got it all outlined and ready to go. It’s written but not yet edited.  Everybody involved with the project had life happen, so the deadlines got pushed back considerably and now we’re shooting for a Valentine’s release.
  3. Revise and release Know Me Well.  This is Liam and Riley’s story, the third installment in the Wishful series.  I should be getting revision notes back from my editor any day now. Done!  
  4. Decide whether or not I’m going to write the novella I’ve been kicking around following Dillon and Avery from Once Upon A Coffee.  If I decide to do it, outline and write it. I’ve put this on the (possibly permanent) backburner.
  5. If I don’t pick up with Dillon and Avery again, I’ll be outlining and starting on Something’s Gotta Give, the next Wishful novel, following Autumn Buchanan and Judd Hamilton (you’ll see more of them in Know Me Well).  This book has been beating at my brain–or more specifically Autumn has–since February.  It’ll be another meaty one, more along the lines of To Get Me To You, and I CAN’T WAIT.  I haven’t had a character be this LOUD since Elodie from Red.  If I don’t get to it this round, Round 4 for sure. I am 3/4ths of the way finished with this outline.  I need some quiet thinking time to get through part of the middle that’s eluding me.
  6. Go through Couch 2 5K again.  Hubs and I have joined a local gym (he got a PHENOMENAL deal through work for both of us), meaning I’ll have access to treadmills in AC again.  I haven’t quite figured out what my schedule will be (as I definitely have to walk the dogs every day), but that’s something I’ve been itching to do.  It’s good thinking/plotting time.  I got halfway through this and have opted to swap running for yoga, as I’m adding in a third training day for taekwondo.
  7. Finish putting together my Preparing To Launch class for writers.  This is an adaptation of a presentation I did for WANACon last year, going over everything people who are planning to self publish need to know before doing it. Didn’t even touch it.

Among my not goals, I also plotted out the first of another contemporary romance trilogy (quartet?) and actually started on that Monday.  I intend to work on it simultaneously with SGG.

I also evicted my husband from my office and back to his mancave, thus freeing up my work space.

So all in all, I’m going to call this round a success.  I’m sitting at 224.5k for the year, 181k of prose.

4 thoughts on “End of Round 3 of #ROW80

  1. Huzzah! and Cheers! Great Round Kait!!

    I love hearing about your successes. You have helped push me further to past some of my fear and misgivings in my writing. Thanks a bunch and see you in Round 4. 🙂

  2. You’ve been really productive this year. I shot for 150K for the whole year, and I’m not going to make it. I need to figure out how to organize my time well enough to edit for other people and write my own stuff at the same time. I need your mad skills! 🙂

    Again, you’ve really done well. Good luck next round!

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