The Story Toolkit: The Last Book Planning Tool You’ll Ever Need


The Story Toolkit

So, anybody who has followed me for any real length of time through the writing of a book or six, has probably heard me talk about The Story Toolkit that I use to plan out all my books.  This is the brainchild of my long term crit partner and editor, Susan Bischoff.  I’ve always thought of The Story Toolkit as having a mini-Susan there to ask me all the stuff she always asks me when I start a new book.  She’d say she wrote it for herself, as a means to have some hand-holding through the book writing process.  I think she just got tired of me asking the same questions over and over 😉  Either way, we’ve spent years refining the system and it’s finally available for everybody else to use!

My most essential book planning tool

toolkit-coverI cannot say enough good things about this system.  It’s made me a better, more efficient writer.  The only book I’ve had to fully redraft since I started using it was the one book I told myself “Oh, I don’t need to fill the whole thing out for this.”  (Spoiler Alert: Yeah, I totally did).  This system is not about plotting–at least not in the scary way that makes most pantsers hyperventilate.  It’s about PLANNING and BUILDING and figuring out all the important bits you need to know about your book–no matter where you are in the story.

The Story Toolkit may not be the last book you’ll ever need on story crafting, but it will ABSOLUTELY become an essential part of your arsenal.

Get yours today

She’s having a NaNo Prep/Introductory Sale for the month of October.  Grab this invaluable resource while it’s still only $2.99!!!  (And if you’ve got a Kindle Unlimited subscription, nab it through that for free!)

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