Introducing Romancing The Holidays!

I know, I know, it’s not past Thanksgiving yet.  Don’t pelt me with dinner rolls.  I have a REASON for bringing up Christmas!
So it’s been a BUSY BUSY year on the writing front for me and I have ONE LAST RELEASE coming up–the Romancing The Holidays Boxed Set, which contains the 7th Wishful story, Dance Me A Dream.  It releases November 25th (that’d be Black Friday to you fellow Americans out there).  So, grab your copy for a mere 99 cents (it’s also part of KU, if you’ve got a subscription for that) and hang onto it for when you finish watching Gilmore Girls and waking up from your turkey coma.  It’s JUST the thing to get you into the holiday spirit.

Every day between here and there, I’m going to be featuring one of the stories from the set.  A countdown, if you will.  I think there’s something in here for everyone!

First up…

Serendipity, A Christmas Fairy Tale

Jolene Cazzola

Lauren Watson was the girl who had everything — at least that’s the way the outside world saw her… beautiful, smart, independent. She had a great job, owned her own penthouse condo, had tons of friends and there was no shortage of great-looking guys around to date.

What she hid from the world (and herself) most of the time, was how much she wanted a “special man” in her life. Raised by a single mother, she was beginning to think she’d never find the right person. Every year since she was in college, she had asked Santa to bring her a boyfriend for Christmas, but Santa had stopped listening to her requests a long time ago. And this year, even her best girl friend had deserted her for the holidays.

But sometimes, fate steps in to give Santa a little help as Lauren finds out in Serendipity – A Christmas Fairy Tale. A sexy, sensual novella that will make you believe again!

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