All About Us by Tracey Pedersen

Next up in our Romancing The Holidays countdown is All About Us By Tracey Pedersen     For Ryan and Jenna life has finally settled down and they’re looking forward to a fun family Christmas with Ruby. Minus the drama that has plagued their small family ever since the two of them first met. In the usual Aussie […]

Hollywood Snowfall by Heather C Myers

Next up in our Romancing The Holidays countdown is Hollywood Snowfall By Heather C Myers It’s getting cold in Hollywood, so cold, there’s a good chance the City of Angels will finally get snow. Erin Sanders is content with her life. Going to community college and working part-time at the Chinese Mann Theatre fills up the majority […]

Lost In Christmas by Cherie Marks

Next up in our Romancing The Holidays countdown is Lost In Christmas By Cherie Marks Can you lose your heart on the way to finding yourself? Or, more specifically, finding your grandmother? It’s Christmastime, and Sunny Willis, New Falls’ resident librarian and soon-to-be doctoral expert on classical, nude art, can’t locate the woman who practically raised her. […]

Home For Christmas by Mel Hammond

Next up in our Romancing The Holidays countdown is Home For Christmas By Mel Hammond When Saskia McKinlay returns to the town she was born it’s to keep a promise to her best friend, nothing more. She doesn’t care about the man who fathered her, then walked away, and with any luck she will be home in […]

A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem by Joanne Dannon

Continuing our countdown to the release of Romancing The Holidays (just 99 cents for SEVEN holiday novellas!), today we have… A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem By Joanne Dannon When falling in love isn’t as easy as falling in love. Australian project manager Kiara Lonsdale is career focussed and determined to provide and care for the grandmother who […]

Introducing Romancing The Holidays!

I know, I know, it’s not past Thanksgiving yet.  Don’t pelt me with dinner rolls.  I have a REASON for bringing up Christmas! So it’s been a BUSY BUSY year on the writing front for me and I have ONE LAST RELEASE coming up–the Romancing The Holidays Boxed Set, which contains the 7th Wishful story, Dance Me A […]