Melody Grace and The Gratitude Givaway

In addition to rolling out the forthcoming Romancing The Holidays boxed set, I am also so blessed to have the chance to work with THIRTEEN other amazing authors in an effort to spread more GRATITUDE in the world!  


Today, I want to share with you Melody Grace’s Unforgettable. Melody is a new to me author, but after seeing how many of my catnip buttons this one book presses, I can tell she won’t stay that way for long.  :exercises one click button:  This is the book she’s most grateful to share with the world!

In her own words

I’m thankful for Unforgettable because it’s a book about new beginnings. Writing it really reminded me of the stories I love to tell: small-town romances where family and community bring the characters back to what they believe in. And, of course, I got to drool over all the amazing fresh-baked goods my heroine loves to create!

“My dearest grand-daughter, Listen to your heart, believe in a brighter tomorrow, and always, always leave room for dessert.”

Noelle Olsen has never been impulsive, but when she inherits the old family bed and breakfast, she surprises everyone by quitting her corporate job and starting over in Beachwood Bay: the sleepy coastal town that’s home to old memories, new friends — and the one man she never saw coming.

Ash Callahan isn’t looking for love. He’s built his real-estate empire out of discipline, control, and cool logic — so why does one kiss from a carefree stranger send his world tilting off its axis?

Their connection is undeniable; the chemistry, impossible to ignore. But just as Noelle considers opening her heart again, the pair find themselves facing off over the town’s future — and their own. With so much as stake, will they find a way to bridge the divide, and build a love that’s unforgettable?



Small town B and B, baking, and leaving the corporate world behind.  Oh yeah, I’m all over this one.  Find out more about Unforgettable and the other books included in our Gratitude Sale!  Oh, and did I mention there are PRIZES GALORE???  There are several Visa gift cards and TWO Kindles up for grabs!

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