Midweek Check-In and Embracing The Tortoise

First up, the check-in.  Since I had success FINALLY getting back into the groove of things with my 500 words a day, this week I am upping the daily minimum to 600.  Monday: 606.  Tuesday: 504 (I took a nap and slept past my alarm, so that’s what I ripped out in the last 15 […]

Get Back To Work!

I woke up this morning to a post by my pal Andrew Mocete that really resonated with me.  Write More, Market Less: The Proof.  It was, quite obviously, about how we should write more and market less.  He linked back to this article about self-publishing statistics, which I found quite interesting.  I was curious to […]

Friday Babble

I’ve been staring at a blank screen this morning having one of those rare days when I have no idea what to blog about.  I’m sleepy.  Dozed for 20 minutes after the alarm went off and then still kept falling asleep during all the floor poses of my yoga routine.  I don’t know why I’m […]

Amazon You Confuse Me

So Susan’s been updating sales numbers this morning and asked me if I’d had many of my $2.99 + titles sell at the 35% rate. Say what? Honestly, I’d never looked.  I have my spreadsheet where I enter total copies sold and it calculates the royalty for me.  There’s a whole other page where I […]

Readers Matter

So yesterday my pal Kristen Lamb made a fantastic post about the new publishing paradigm offering suggestions to the Big 6 to keep them from sharing the fate of the Titanic.  It’s brilliant and spot on. Something that stood out for me was a quote she pulled from The Author’s Guild post, Publishing’s Ecosystem on […]

Seize The Dream

The world has changed.  IS changing.  I suppose this is not a shock as, in fact, the once true constant IS change. I fell in love with writing when I was twelve years old.  It was one of those deep, gut level knowings.  This is what I am supposed to do.  My parents, while proud […]

Lessons Learned In The Self Publishing Trenches

I’ve been at this indie publishing thing for 2 solid years now.  Longer if you count the platform building I did before I released my first title in March of 2010.  Each year I do analysis of productivity, sales, ROI for time and promotion method, etc.  And every year I learn stuff and adapt what […]

Feeling Grinchy About KDP Select

It’s the holiday season.  Writers across the land want to say thank you to their readers and many are offering up one of their books for free. Awesome, I think, as I continue to read through the newsletter that has hit my inbox. And then I see that it’s free only on Amazon because those […]

Thoughts on KDP Select

So by now everybody who’s currently distributing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (and everybody else who’s seen it on Twitter) has heard about this new KDP Select. I am not a fan. Is this a good business decision for Amazon?  Sure.  They’re doing something else to try to corner the market on ebooks.  Since largely […]