The Positive Power of PERSONAL Social Media

Yesterday was my husband’s grandmother’s birthday.  So the whole family loaded up in the car and headed the next county over to go visit her at the nursing home with flowers and cupcakes and good cheer.  It was snowing.  (It’s worth noting that it was 73 day BEFORE yesterday). Outside the nursing home was a […]

You Can Take Your “Like” and Shove It

I have never made it a secret that I hate Facebook.  I find it intrusive, obnoxious, they keep changing every damn thing, and their privacy policy is questionable at best.  Not to mention how I abhor that people can just add me to a group without even asking my permission.  I am not a fan […]

10 Things Writers Shouldn’t Say In A DM

The Twitter direct message (DM) is something that’s an integral part of a social media platform.  It’s an opportunity to reach out and connect with someone else because they have FOLLOWED YOU.  I’ve mentioned before that I have an auto DM intended to start a conversation: Thanks for the follow!  So are you reader, writer, […]

Social Media Ennui

I have a confession to make.  I’m suffering from some serious ennui about social media, publishing, reading blogs… Why the blah? Someone said in a recent post (I think it was Bob Mayer, though I couldn’t find the particular post) that there’s a really high turnover in self publishing.  A huge chunk of the people […]

Why I’ll Never Unplug

Something you hear often across the interwebz in the writing world is writers who are mega overwhelmed by social media and ultimately choose to unplug for some period of time to recover or get their writing groove back on or whatever.  Sometimes it’s that they’re letting social media take over from writing.  Sometimes it’s just […]

What’s Your Klout?

On this whole road of fumbling toward publication and platform building, we try this, we try that, and sometimes we get good results.  Sometimes we get crickets.  It’s often difficult to know whether what we’re doing is making any difference at all.  We can make smart decisions, like buying my pal Kristen Lamb’s book We […]

Tag Me, You’re It

I’m reading We Are Not Alone: The Writer’s Guide to Social Media, which I bought about a month ago and have only just not managed to sit down and focus on with a full brain (or as close to a full brain as I ever have before the hour of about 11 AM).  I’m a […]