Todoist: My Happy Place

It began innocently enough with a comment by my pal Suzan Butler last night about Todoist. “What’s Todoist?” I asked. “Oh it’s a list making program.  It helps me keep track of stuff.” Well OF COURSE I had to go check it out.  And yeah, it is a list making program–on STEROIDS. OMG.  I can […]

If This Then That, My New Favorite Internet Service

First off, a brief Operation GIT report that I stayed on my calorie budget yesterday!  I am quite proud because I was totally ready to gnaw my arm off.  My appetite has gotten TOTALLY out of hand lately, so I am presently on the long trek of shrinking my stomach again.  Which means this week will […]

The Brainstormer

Just a quick and dirty post to share something fun.  Need some inspiration for a new story?  Stuck on your current one and need a chance of pace?  Have no fear The Brainstormer is here.  It’s free online and even available as an iphone app for $1.99.

Helping Out Perfect Pages With Adobe Acrobat

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Aaron Shepard’s Perfect Pages is all about how to do layout in Word.  It’s got some great information and explains how to do some complicated things.  One of those things is setting up sections so that you can do things like alternating headers and footers.  I ran into this […]

Note Taking Websites

I was trying to find some notes I’d made about a plot point I was recently discussing with Pot.  We do all our chats in GoogleTalk, so everything is nice and logged in my Gmail account, which makes them searchable with the awesome power of Google. As long as you can remember enough details of […]

Bizarrely Productive Monday and More Writing Software Reviews

I’ve been freakishly productive today.   That’s so weird.  I mean, it’s Monday.  Monday usually means I’m exhausted from the weekend, locked into staff meetings all morning, and playing a perpetual game of catch up.  But by 10 o’clock, I’d already dealt with all my classes, graded all discussion boards, fielded all emails and questions about […]

Google Fu

I had grand intentions of getting up a funny spoof post dealing with the trials and tribulations of my trying to write this love scene, but it’s not finished yet (neither is the scene), so I’m talking about other things today. No, what I’m thinking about is my CP, Pot.  Now Pot and I talk […]

Random Word Generator

Anybody who creates a world, whether they’re writing paranormal, urban fantasy, straight fantasy, etc. has a need to generate random words to go along with their culture.  Some people take their existing language and throw in extra letters.  Like all those funky silent “h”s in J.R. Ward’s stories.  Other people take existing foreign words and […]

Writing Stumbles

My brain refuses to engage today, so in lieu of some scintillating post, I’m sharing some of the interesting writing sites I found through StumbleUpon. Language Is A Virus: I particularly like the Widgets to Cure Writer’s Block Writerisms and other Sins: This is a great list of lazy writing habits we often fall into […]

Free Resources: MIT Open Courseware

As promised after yesterday’s post about Open University, I’m following up by talking about the other great Freebie link I found from PBW the other day: MIT’s Open Courseware.  Now I’m not sure that this is quite as handy dandy as Open University, but the breadth of courses available is amazing.  Under anthropology I found […]