Writing Stumbles

My brain refuses to engage today, so in lieu of some scintillating post, I’m sharing some of the interesting writing sites I found through StumbleUpon.

  • Language Is A Virus: I particularly like the Widgets to Cure Writer’s Block
  • Writerisms and other Sins: This is a great list of lazy writing habits we often fall into and should avoid in order to keep our writing strong.
  • 911 Writer’s Block:  Stuck in your current plot?  Use this site to dial your way to a solution.
  • Free Online Rhyming Dictionary:  A tool for poets or maybe for coming up with titles.
  • Phrase Thesaurus: Now this is handy.  How often do I need another way to say a phrase but can’t think of one?
  • Cliche Finder: A search engine to help you find the perfect cliche.  For example, when I plugged in “wolf”, I got back “wolf in sheep’s clothing”; “cry wolf”; “wolf down your food”; “wolf whistle”; “keep the wolf away from the door”; “Hungry like the wolf”

Hope you enjoy!

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