Todoist: My Happy Place

It began innocently enough with a comment by my pal Suzan Butler last night about Todoist.

“What’s Todoist?” I asked.

“Oh it’s a list making program.  It helps me keep track of stuff.”

Well OF COURSE I had to go check it out.  And yeah, it is a list making program–on STEROIDS.

OMG.  I can make lists of stuff to do without due dates.  I can make lists of stuff to do WITH specific due dates.  I can make lists of stuff that are recurrent (like every weekday or every Monday).

I can organize by project (which means I can have categories for every book project, projects at evil day job, by class, house stuff, my weekly To Do list…


And it’s got apps for, like, everything.  A desktop app for Windows and Mac.  Apps for Android and iOS.  Plugins for Chrome and Firefox.  Meaning I can sync across EVERYTHING and always be able to see what I need to get done.

And on TOP of that (as if that wasn’t awesome enough for you other psychotically organized souls like me), it will give you KARMA POINTS for getting crap done on time!  Whee!

This is EXACTLY what I want out of a calendar/ToDo program.

Oh, and I can integrate it with Evernote (meaning I can copy the note link for each chunk of my toolkit per project, and paste it into the list, and then I can click on it and it’ll take me straight to what I need to do).  AWESOME.

Excuse me, I have to go finish loading up my lists.

6 thoughts on “Todoist: My Happy Place

  1. Okay, I just downloaded it (and evernote) and OMG. It sends me an email with everything I need to do. My memory is a mess and this might just save me from freaking out and panicking! I installed the chrome app and it’s right up there on my browser window (which I NEVER close) with a list of things I have to finish today. Thank you!!!

  2. That much organization would drive my Type-S personality banannas. I’ll just stick with the Notes and Reminders Apps on my iPhone. But thanks for recommending Evernote. I’ve been using it for awhile and it’s really useful – especially for sharing stuff between my iPhone and iMac.

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