Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. Wow, it’s been days since I last posted.  That’s so unlike me.  But I’ve been taking advantage of the four day holiday weekend and, let me tell you, I can TOTALLY get behind that!  I’ve gotten proper sleep for FOUR WHOLE DAYS.  I’ve gotten some projects done around the house, got the house super clean, actually had some social encounters with friends who were in town, and spent some quality time with hubby.  Longer weekends.  I dig it.
  2. On the project list, we finished with the man cave.  It was the lone room in the house that was still plagued by spackle on the walls from when I filled all the holes from the previous people’s stuff.  So it’s painted, I’ve got proper curtains up, and hubby got it all cleaned.  We still need to change out the shelves in the closet, but that’s for another day.  The point is we can SEE THE FLOOR.  And there was this random shelf that the previous people left that was mounted above the window (why?).  I managed to repurpose it over the coat rack in the laundry room so that it looks like a totally on purpose single piece.
  3. I also finished painting the doors that will be going up on the library.  I found this project on Pinterest about how to convert regular bifold doors into French style doors.  As I’ve had 2 sets of bifold doors in the garage since last summer (we bought them to go on some closets and realized that we were going to have to recase the closets to make them work), this was PERFECT.  I already had them and I wanted to put doors on the library in preparation for making it more formally my office.  Where I can, you know, shut out the zombies being slaughtered in the living room.  I’ve gotta go back by Lowes to exchange the hinges I bought (really, they should SAY exterior door hinges on the package), then we’ll get those up.  I’m really excited about this.  The other pair may find new life as a bookcase later this fall.
  4. After Wednesday’s angsty check-in, I finally opted to cut 3 full chapters from Riven and replace them with wholly new material.  I got all that planned out, and have made it through the first of those 3 chapters.  Which is something like 4-5k written this week.  The new scenes will need revisions too, but I think overall the concept works a lot better than what I had.  This morning I finished planning out the two new scenes for chapter 11, and plan to dive into that sometime after breakfast.  It’s my hope that I can finish up both new chapters by end of next weekend, which will leave me with just Act 4 to revise, and that’s just expansion.
  5. I’ve also been adding a metric crapton of plot notes to the contemporary kicking around in my brain.  I hope to finish out the toolkit on that while my CPs run through this next draft of Riven.  With luck, that won’t take too long, and the next round of edits will be shorter and less extensive.
  6. Last night hubby and I revisited the 80s.  We found The Goonies in the cheap Bluray bin at Walmart.  After decades of watching this on TV, I was surprised at some of the stuff that had been cut out.  Then we watched the deleted scenes, which were nothing special.  Getting rid of the dancing squid was a good decision on the director’s part…  We entertained ourselves by imagining what a reunion sequel might be like.  We decided that the original Goonies all have kids now (they’re certainly old enough), and they (the parents) all go off on something and their kids have to go on their own adventure to come rescue them.  This is definitely a movie that couldn’t just be “remade” for modern audiences because the world is just flat different now (this is the case for a LOT of movies made in the 80s).  You don’t see packs of kids riding around on bikes all over town.  And if current day kids know what a compass is and how to use it, I’d be shocked.  They’d all be more likely to have their adventures on an Xbox or Playstation than out in the real world because the real world isn’t considered safe.  Which is really kind of sad.
  7. I hear my hubby stirring, so I’m off to start the coffee.  I’m gonna try to talk him into going to see a movie this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I love the Goonies! Agree with the Xbox comment too.
    sounds like you have got lots of writing done and lots of stuff in the real world too. I’m decorating at the moment too and it can be hard work finding somewhere to put all that stuff.

  2. I’ll try to avoid a rant about the disconnected nature of kids these days, which would make me sound like a cantakerous old bag. I am one, but I try not to sound like one too much! I agree with you, I will say that.

    Kait, you are drilling through your writing, and getting sleep–I’m impressed! And you gave me the perfect solution to the crappy bifold doors in this rental house that make me grind my teeth every time I open them–thank you immensely for that!

    Have a great beginning to your week.

  3. Goonies is awesome, but I think it could be remade. Either need one kid with survivalist parents or one that loves the Nature/Science channels. Then make part of the conspiracy defeating a computer security system that is similar to a gaming environment. An old sci-fi series, Shadowrun, used a device similar to this, combat in cyberspace with real world impacts like feedback lobotomies. The coming of age, childhood adventure aspects of the story are timeless.

    We have a set of french doors to one of the offices in our house. Adds a nice flair. Good for you helping them find their way to your office. Have a great week.

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