Daily Progress Report

HOC: 689

Daily Goal: Met

This scene was kind of painful to write.  Another one of those emotionally abusing the heroine numbers.  And that means a bit of method writing on my part and putting myself in her head.  I actually have a bit more time I could write tonight, but I really need to be fresh for the next scene (another with our bad guy), and have this one out of my head.  So I’m set up for tomorrow.

I’ve been writing in fits and snatches during lunch this week and that’s going okay.  I’m getting between 100-300 words written during lunch and that helps a lot.  I’m hoping that a I get more accustomed to this schedule I will be able to push the envelope with that and make it more like 300-500 so that my overall word counts for each day are larger.  I’m hoping it’s a matter of training.

Things on the writing front have been better with hubby on the writing front this week, largely because he’s been tied up with building a new computer the last few days.  He’s been trying to be better about understanding that I have to do this.  Off to confer with Pot about the latest evil twist for her evil Opie assassin.

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