Question for Pubbed Writers

…or anybody else who happens to know.

As a matter of plot, this question has come up for the scene I have to write today.  My bad guy is a writer (he writes true crime fiction as a way to get in and interview all the bad guys my heroine takes down–to avoid their mistakes…doesn’t write about all of them of course).  Regarding book tours–who sets that up?  The publisher?  The author?  If the author wants to add a stop in, would he just call up the store and say “hey, I’m coming to town, and I’d like to do a reading at your store?” (or something) or would he go through the publisher and have the publisher set it up?

Thanks to anybody who has an answer!

2 thoughts on “Question for Pubbed Writers

  1. It depends on your deal but in many cases publicists will set up your book tours.

    Your book would also have to be carried in the store.

    Just out of curiosity, where did you get your word counter?

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