Daily Progress Report

I read through the entire manuscript for House of Cards, finishing all the line edits, typos, punctuation errors, formatting changes, and finally general tightening up of the language.  I just sent it off to all my beta readers.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting their replies!  In the meantime, I was debating whether or not to start on the synopsis and outline, but I’m thinking I’ll wait until I get my revisions back.  Which means that I ought to take some time off and read for fun.

But I confess what I really want to do is start my next project!  I feel twitchy not writing.  So not sure what I’ll be doing.  We’ll see if any books hold my attention.

One thought on “Daily Progress Report

  1. I’ve finally reached the point where I can see the end. It’s nice, but sort of overwhelming at the same time. Got the email this morning, so send away! 😀 Between big projects I’ll sometimes work on short stories…but generally I know I’m just distracting myself from hurtling into the next thing. 🙂

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