The End…Again…

Yeah, so I hated the ending I wrote.  It wasn’t all bad, but it was just meh…  So Pot, in her divine awesomeness, took a stab at it, and I did some tweaking and merging and wound up with something I was REALLY happy with.

I hopped over to work to print a draft (shhhh, don’t tell!) so I can edit and figure out where to put my chapter breaks (which is remarkably hard to do).  So I’m in edit mode now.  So far I have discovered a propensity for leaving out words.  There’s something on nearly every page of the first three chapters!  Of course, most of that is the early stuff so there will need to be more changes there.  Mostly line edits, a few missing commas.  Tightening up of language.  I’m hoping I’ll make it through the whole thing and make those changes by Thursday, so I can get it out to my beta readers.  Then while those are out, I can get started on queries.  God help me.  That part of the process is scary!

So the final word tally for the day: 1546.  Woo!

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