The End Is Here!

It’s finished.

I just penned the last line of Houses of Cards (which my get retitled either House of Cards or something else entirely after my read-through because I can no longer remember my justification for the plural).

It’s feeling rather…anti-climactic.  I expected a serious ZING! of elation and accomplishment.  Nope.  Nothing.  Maybe it’s because I don’t feel finished.  I’m about to do another read through from beginning to end to put in chapter breaks, fix the formatting to indicate changes in POV, etc. before sending it off to my chosen beta readers.  I’m feeling pretty excited about that prospect…having someone besides Pot know the whole story.  I suppose it doesn’t feel finished because I know there will be revisions and then the whole synopsis, outline, query process (bleh!).

But anyway, there you have it.  The first book I have finished in ten years.   (858 words for the day, by the way).

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