Question For Readers

Okay, I need reader assistance to answer this question and settle an argument with my hubby, so here’s an informal poll:

How many of you out there know what “Slainte” means in the context of a bar or pub?

Hubby thinks no one knows what it is. I think it’s perfectly obvious to anybody who has set foot in a pub or been to a St. Patty’s Day party that it’s a toast essentially meaning “cheers”. I mean, c’mon…the t-shirts are everywhere even in Mississippi. They MUST be more common elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “Question For Readers

  1. Well, I know it – but then I’m from Ireland, so that probably isn’t any reflection on how widely known the word is across the world. I do think that most people – or the majority anyway – know what it means, at least in the USA. When I was there, lots of Americans used to say it to me in bars when they discovered where I was from.

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