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Well I didn’t get but 153 words on Flash Point today, so my goal isn’t met on that front.  I had to do a great deal of grading, write a midterm, and rewrite a quiz for my class.  Then I sat down to write some character arcs on my hero, heroine, and arsonist.  What I wound up with was a sort of actual character arc for my arsonist and just some sort of notes on my hero and heroine.  That was 616 words.  I’m just sort of…eh…I need to sit down with Pot’s 20 questions she asks about couples for her books and actually spend some time answering them.  This whole being a plotter rather than a pantser isn’t fun.  But I feel like I have to figure out this stuff so that I don’t waste a lot of time going off on tangents.  I spent years on tangents with House of Cards, so by the time I sat down and really made myself work on it these last few months, I already knew the whole plot pretty much.  I have been struck while working on Flash Point this week how absolutely raw it feels.  A lot of this will get better and easier as I get to know my characters better.  But I question whether I ought to bother writing anything else just now on it until I’ve done some more plotting and research.  I’m also still in a funk about yesterday.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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